St. Ninian's was built in 1938 to serve the Episcopalian members of the East end of the City of Dundee.


It was originally a mission outpost from the Cathedral Church of St. Paul.It still exists to serve these commuities, enlarged although they are, and principally the communities of Mid Craigie and Linlathen.


St. Ninian's Church is part of the Scottish Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Brechin and the Province of Scotland.


It is also part of the world wide family of churches known as the Anglican Communion, along with the Church of England, Church of Ireland, Church in Wales, American Episcopal Church, and many others.


We are in full communion with Anglican churches throughout the world and would welcome you to our congregation.


The Bishop of Brechin is Rt. Revd. Andrew Swift


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St Ninian's Scottish Episcopal Church, Dundee